Republicans double down on school vouchers by taking fight to rural members of their own party
The Daily Yonder reports that for years, rural Republican state legislators have bucked the party's support for funneling public funds into private schools through education vouchers, but now Republican leaders are ramping up pressure on these holdouts.
How to stop catastrophizing
Rula shares tips for breaking the cycle of catastrophic thinking.
New study reveals 5 health topics that unite Republicans, Democrats, and Independents
Hims surveyed more than 5,000 individuals to determine the five health topics that connect Americans across party lines.
Best golf course in every state, according to golfers
PrimePutt compiled the best golf course in every state using data from Tripadvisor as of April 2024.
How health care quality varies by state
Free NPI Lookup dug into the 2023 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities report to analyze differences in quality of care between states.
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More renewables projects were funded by rural energy program REAP in 2023, but small-scale funding was down

The Daily Yonder reports that since the inception of the Inflation Reduction Act, small-scale funding for the Rural Energy for America Program is down, with the greater number of grants going to the largest projects and salaries.

Standout college athletes competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics

BestColleges highlights several of the standout student-athletes who qualified to compete for Team USA at this year's Summer Olympics in Paris.

Which U.S. cities have the highest and lowest birth rates?

SmartAsset examined U.S. Census data for 37 of the largest U.S. cities to determine where birth rates and family sizes are highest and lowest.

Marine Toys for Tots' Christmas in July Campaign Delivers Hope to Children in Need

Marine Toys for Tots' Christmas in July Campaign Delivers Hope to Children in Need

(NewsUSA) - Marine Toys for Tots, best known as the Nation's premier children's Christmastime charity, doesn't wait until the holiday season to support children in need. Toys for Tots has evolved …

Dr. Calm's Expert Advice for Mastering Election Stress

Dr. Calm's Expert Advice for Mastering Election Stress

(NewsUSA) - Stress continues to permeate the lives of many people worldwide, and data shows that 80% of chronic diseases have roots in stress, according to Kiran Dintyala, MD, a physician also known …

Texas Celebrates Youth Sports This Summer

Texas Celebrates Youth Sports This Summer

(NewsUSA) - Kids take the field in a big way this summer in Plano, Texas, as the town gears up to host a diverse mix of activities that attract the best young talent from across the United States.A …

Unique, Hands-Free Ways to Soothe Your Baby

(Family Features) Most parents know - or soon will - crying is completely normal for babies. Even once you've determined a cause for the cries, finding foolproof ways to soothe baby can be difficult.

Nurturing the Mental Health of Young Children

(Family Features) The earliest years of children's lives lay the foundation for their social and emotional well-being, setting the stage for success in school and beyond.

4 Tips for Summer Water Safety

(Family Features) Drowning is a leading cause of death for children ages 1-4, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To protect your loved ones when playing in and around water this summer, keep these tips in mind.

How to bring optimistic content to your social media feeds
(BPT) - For many Gen Z-ers, scrolling on social media has become a primary source of entertainment and a tool for staying connected. In fact, the majority of Gen Z Americans report going on at least …
Translating Gen Z Slang This Back-to-School Season
(BPT) - Slang phrases used by Gen Z continue to grow in popularity. And according to recent surveys, many parents are struggling to understand exactly what their kids are saying and meaning. This …
Stay connected in any emergency with portable power
(BPT) - Extreme weather events cast shadows of worry, but modern power solutions can keep families safe and connectedEmergency preparedness is a practical necessity for every household, especially …
8 tips to save on your next vacation to Myrtle Beach
(BPT) - Getting away from your routine to recharge, renew and reset on vacation is great for your mind, body and spirit. But are you worried about the dent it can put in your wallet? Relax! You don't …
Ready for school? Here's your ultimate back-to-school toolkit
(BPT) - No matter how old your child is, the back-to-school transition is always exciting, busy and sometimes stressful. Moving from less scheduled summer days to a regular routine takes planning, as …
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Throw a Party Like a Pro

(Family Features) Before gathering your crew for your next event, make a plan to ensure you get to enjoy the day as fully as your guests.

Volunteering Together to Build Friendships and Strengthen Bonds

(Family Features) As people age, many social avenues from earlier phases of life, such as school and work, no longer exist and making friends can be difficult. Experts suggest volunteering as a beneficial way to make friends and improve social well-being.

Volunteering Together: Building friendships and strengthening bonds

(Family Features) As people age, many social avenues from earlier phases of life, such as school and work, no longer exist and making friends can be difficult. Experts suggest volunteering as a beneficial way to make friends and improve social well-being.

If everyone practiced a little kindness we could all be better off, studies suggest.

We Can All Contribute To Cooling the Nation

By Stuart Muszynski (NAPSI)—In the wake of the recent apparent attempt on former President Trump’s life, both he and President Biden have sought to cool down an emotionally overheated nation, …

Bottled water is full of microplastics. Is it still 'natural'?

Grist reports on legal battles against bottled water companies by consumers hoping to protect themselves from microplastic contamination.

When Planning International Travel, Measles Vaccination is Peace of Mind for the Whole Family

By Dr. David Sugerman (NAPSI)—As a parent, I know that preparing for international travel with kids is more than just packing a suitcase. Whether we are visiting relatives we haven’t seen for a …

One top trend to improve your home's value: hardwood flooring

(BPT) - Whether you're thinking about selling your home or just making some updates, it's always smart to consider renovations that will enhance the enjoyment of your home and increase your …

How to beat the summer heat — and boredom

(BPT) - Summer break can be wonderful for kids, as they are able to explore new activities, visit with friends or just have more free time to play. But summer can also get hot — and long. If …

Designing with green hues: 5 ways to add this trending color to your kitchen and bath

(BPT) - Move over, gray. Green is having its moment this year in bath and kitchen design and décor. Whether dark, light or somewhere in between, these luscious hues are on trend right now, but …

Going to extremes: How Olympians vying for the gold in Paris contend with climate change
Stacker used NOAA data to track a changing climate's impact on the Summer Olympics, exploring efforts to reduce the Games' carbon footprint and protect athletes.
This state is testing a model to add more civility to politics
Next City reports that Minnesota's Civility Caucus is helping to develop fertile ground for understanding and collaboration across the aisle of the state legislature.
The South was the center of rural population growth last year
The Daily Yonder reports on last year's American rural population growth, with 90% happening in the South.
Redesigned envelope leads to fewer rejected ballots, but new issue arises
Votebeat reports that while fewer mail-in ballots were rejected in Pennsylvania's 2023 primary election due to an envelope redesign, a new glitch has emerged.
5 health benefits of honey you may not know
Elvish Honey uncovered five lesser-known health benefits of honey using various scientific studies, medical journals, and news coverage.