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First-generation college students who graduate against all odds still earn less than their peers used Pew Research Center and Federal Reserve data to examine the earning disparities between first-generation students and their peers.

Do safer cars mean cheaper insurance? The answer might surprise you explores the newest automobile safety features to understand how they make driving safer and how it might, or might not, influence your car insurance costs.

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Out-of-school suspensions can do more harm than good, data shows used National Center for Education Statistics data and other sources to examine the racial disparities of out-of-school suspensions.

A guide to power of attorney for elderly parents explains the benefits of having a power of attorney in place for elderly parents.

Is a personal loan for home improvement the right choice?

Rocket Loans breaks down how a personal loan stacks up against some common options for financing home improvement projects and explains what you need to know to find the option that's right for you.

Influencers are upending advertising. Here are 4 ways their brand collabs have changed the marketing game.

Collabstr scoured press coverage and analyzed marketing campaigns to dissect the ways brands collaborate with influencers to sell products.
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How one state is pioneering a way to let renters earn cash back for paying rent
Next City reports on an effort in Colorado that could be a preview of how the state will operate a new program meant to help renters make money from the buildings they live in.
Tipflation is real: 31% of Americans are feeling tip fatigue reports that while tipping at restaurants is still recommended, adding tips on top of other types of already high-priced services can be overwhelming for more than 25% of Americans.
They thought graduation was near. Instead, these immigrant students were pressured to transfer.
Chalkbeat reports on the problems a New York City school's population of English Language Learners faced before being allowed to graduate.
Learning science might help kids read better
The Hechinger Report explains how the evidence is increasing for building students' background knowledge of the world, an indirect way of teaching reading comprehension.
Average student loan debt declines in 2024
Experian takes a look at student loan debt and at how forgiveness programs have helped in many cases.
Most popular car colors in America
To see what vehicle colors hold sway today, compiled a ranking of the most popular car colors in America using data from Edmunds.
How long do points stay on your driving record? clears up how long traffic points stay on a driving record and explains how to fight them and lower insurance costs.
The rise and fall(?) of coding bootcamps
After gaining popularity due to the promise of high-paying jobs without the need for a college degree, BestColleges reports on the state of coding bootcamps in 2024.
4 really good reasons to use credit over cash provides several reasons why credit cards should be used over traditional cash without incurring fees and debt while also taking advantage of the perks of using credit.
Even as women outpace men in graduating from college, their earnings remain stuck
The Hechinger Report explains that while women are making strides in colleges and universities, the climb to pay and promotions continues to be slow-moving. 

Copying a person's likeness has become easy with AI. Is it legal?

Verbit explored what legislation might be coming down the pike to regulate the use of peoples' work and likeness with artificial intelligence.

Wall Street's Bitcoin Adoption Hindered By Regulatory Scrutiny, says one expert from Shark Tank.

Benzinga analyzes how the increased regulation of Bitcoin may affect future investment strategies.

Which U.S. metros are the most and least expensive to raise a child?

SmartAsset determined the costs of raising a child by examining childcare, housing, food and other cost data across 50 of the largest U.S. metro areas, ranking them from most to least expensive.

How to move stocks and transfer brokerages, stress-free explains how to transfer funds from one brokerage account to another.
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What does brand loyalty look like now? Why businesses are revamping their customer rewards programs
Task Group analyzed Deloitte's 2024 retail industry outlook report to see how well customer rewards programs can strengthen brand loyalty.
Rideshare driver? Here's why your regular insurance isn't enough
If you're a rideshare driver, explains why regular car insurance may not provide adequate coverage and how rideshare insurance protects your income and car.
10 high-impact tips to protect yourself from fraud
Spokeo provides a number of simple and quick tips consumers can take to help reduce the risk of becoming fraud victims.
A self-made billionaire's advice for lotto winners: Cash or annuity?
Benzinga reviews Shark Tank's Mark Cuban's advice on why lottery winners should opt for an annuity paid over time rather than a lump sum in winnings.
Why Gen Z college students feel more financially insecure than ever
BestColleges reports that with so many economic factors to consider, Gen Z college students feel more financially insecure than ever.